Mushroom Complex

Boost your immune system with Mushroom Complex, a balanced blend of medicinal mushrooms. 

Providing Full Spectrum Immunity

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Elevate Your Health

Mushroom Complex™ focuses on the five powerhouse medicinal mushrooms; reishi, maitake, shiitake, agaricus and tremetes.  Our formula provide an effective dose of each of these mushrooms to activate your immune system and ensure it remains vigilant, providing protection when you need it the most.

In addition to the immune-boosting properties of these mushrooms, we’ve included two vital Chinese herbs, astragalus and baicalin, to enhance the antiviral and antibacterial capabilities of our formula. 

Experience the synergy of nature's finest ingredients for boosting your immunity and overall wellness.

Enhances Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity

This groundbreaking blend isn't just about strengthening your body's natural armor; it's designed to activate and empower your innate natural-killer (NK) cells. These NK cells are potent immune warriors primed to seek out and destroy threats to your will being.

By harnessing the synergistic power of our carefully selected medicinal mushrooms and Chinese herbs, Mushroom Complex™ equips your body with the optimal tools to reinforce its defenses, providing you with the resilience needed to face any challenge head-on.

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Discover why Mushroom Complex™ is so effective.

Learn about the benefits of this amazing formula and why nothing else compares.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Best of the best

Costumer service is above and beyond with this company. I love the product! As a teacher, I am exposed to all sorts of germs. This helps me stay in school, teaching my babies!

Thank you for your testimonial. We are a small company and take pride in making our customers happy.

Won't go without these herbs

My husband passed away suddenly on Dec. 26th, 2 weeks later my brother passed away suddenly and one week later my sister-in-law. If ever I needed Inner Peace it has been these pass few months. Mushroom Complex, TianChi are my daily routine.
Thank you Roger for all of your information. Zack, appreciate your helpfulness when I mess up an order.

Maria Torres
Spending money wisely on herbs that my body loves

I can attest to the efficacy of the Mushroom Complex, TianChi, Inner Peace and Sleep and Recover. In my late 70s, and still going strong without help from any medications. I thank God for giving the gift to Roger for formulating these herbals, and grateful to Zack for doing the business side. Thank you gentlemen, and to all connected with HerbWorks.

Rae Dene Robertson
Love these supplements

I have been using this Mushroom Complex for immune supplement; use for the last 10 days has made a big difference in the way I feel. Had CoVid prior to vaccine availability. Had foggy brain and fatigue even after having vaccine and booster as recommended; I now have more energy sharper mentally and feel emotionally more sound. Taking TianChi also after being off of it for 6 months; Can’t say enough good about this supplement; recommended to my friends some have tried it and are doing better. Thank you for these products. I have less arthritis symptoms with the Tian Chi ; also stress relief and better coping.

Judy Jackson
Mushroom Complex

I've purchased medicinal herbs for over 25yrs & can attest to this product & it's functionality, providing what I need, that said, it's better than any I've previously taken. I'm anxious to try the entire line & keep an active autoship. Thx

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