Experience a greater level of health

Consumed throughout Asia to promote a healthy lifestyle, adaptogens have been used for centuries for their anti-aging properties and for their ability to help prevent fatigue.  An effective adaptogen formula can put your body in an energetic position to experience a greater level of health.

Adaptogenic herbs assist homeostasis, the natural regulating system of your body.  These unique herbs have been proven to be the very food the body needs to strengthen resistance to chronic stress that results in physiological and psychological breakdown.

There is no other class of herbs that do this.

A true adaptogen

The mark of a true adaptogen is that it must directly impact your HPA-axis and immediately start to calm your nervous system.  A true adaptogen has the ability to directly impact your pituitary gland (part of the HPA axis), and within seconds, it will calm your nervous system.  When your nervous system starts to relax, your adrenals actually turn off the outpouring of adrenaline.

Once this happens, your adrenals can return to a state of replenishment and start to absorb energy and build “life force.”  A good quality adaptogenic formula will allow your adrenals to change their function by becoming a reservoir for storing energy.

Multi-layered effect on your body

The beauty of adaptogens is that they have a multi-layered effect which enhance all areas of  health and are the most important herbs you can incorporate into your daily diet to rejuvenate your whole energy system and create “life force.”

The adaptogens we use are considered to be Superior herbs or tonics.  These special herbs are considered to be foods and unlike medicinal herbs, have a multi-layered effect on the body.  The adaptogens we formulate are special foods for balancing the glandular system and the HPA-axis to Stress.  They also have the ability to cleanse the liver and lungs, enhance adrenal function, build and oxygenate the blood, maximize fat burning during exercise and clear the mind.

Adaptogens are essential  in helping restore all of your body’s energy systems in order to create vibrant “REAL Energy”.

The “Gang of Five”

The most effective adaptogens from around the globe are the basis of our formulas.  We sourced these ourselves to guarantee quality and effectiveness.  We call them the “Gang of 5” and are ashwaganda, eleuthero, reishi, rhodiola and schizandra.  Even though all types of herbs are listed as adaptogens, these 5 are considered true adaptogens.

The beauty of Chinese Herbalism lies in a proper formulation.  The reason our formulas are so effective is that these five adaptogens are formulated with other Superior herbs making the formula extremely effective.