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The First Hours of Sleep are Crucial

Sleep and Recover™ is designed to help you fall asleep naturally and release human growth hormones maximizing the body’s potential to restore and repair. The first hour and a half of deep sleep are when your body releases this growth hormone and initiates the restorative process in your brain.

This small window of opportunity is crucial for maintaining vibrant health. If you don’t fall into a deep sleep, your body and brain miss their ONLY opportunity to heal for the entire day.

Sleep Throughout the Night

Sleep and Recover™ contains herbs that help you fall asleep, shut off the stress response and keep you asleep throughout the night, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. This is the key to shutting off the stress response, which allows you to drop into the deep restorative sleep your body needs for healthy adrenal function.

The adaptogens in Sleep and Recover™ are the perfect food for your glandular system, your body’s own system of self-regulation or homeostasis. By shutting off the stress response while you sleep, your body has a chance to fully relax and allow your adrenals to build real energy.

Wake Up Refreshed

The dual action of helping you fall asleep and then shutting off your stress response is a revolutionary concept in the world of sleep supplements. This concept of restoring energy and building reserves is a central concept with all of our products at HerbWorks.

Rest assured that Sleep and Recover™ will start the process of waking up to a new you…. one that feels refreshed and ready to take on your day in a positive way.
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