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Clinical Trials Lie!

We live in a world that loves science. I myself fall into that category. I love the method of discovery and the revelation of new cutting edge information that may impact everyday life. The key word here is may.

Science at its basic definition is a method of inquiry. That period of inquiry, if it finds something useful, is usually followed by a deeper inquiry into the nature of what is found and how to apply this knowledge. Therein lies the problem – the majority of what is considered science today, has been hijacked by pharmaceutical companies. We’ve fallen in love with the clinical trial and double blind studies. All of which has its place and is highly valuable, and can also be manipulated to produce the outcome you want.

Double-blind seeks to eliminate the placebo effect. It’s a great idea but still flawed. No matter if you got the medicine or a sugar pill, your trust in the person giving it to you is the real placebo. You also have to figure in the worry of being tricked. No one wants to find out they got a sugar pill and had a good reaction.

Clinical trials are all manipulated. I know I was involved in the planning for one and had the system explained to me. Basically, if you don’t get the result needed, you cull the herd, meaning you remove the ones who didn’t have the desired effect. Then you find people resembling the ones that do, and keep changing the type of person until the data comes out like you want. That’s the clinical science used to get drugs approved.

Anecdotal information is relying on personal experience over time to see how something affects people. It’s usually used in herb medicine. Of course this has been going on for 5,000 years long before science came into the picture. I have a formula in my cupboard that has been in use for over 1000 years. It works. I can easily guess that it’s been prescribed over a million times. The results are there and don’t require science to let me know it works although it has been scientifically proven to produce amazing results for reproductive issues.

This science just adds to its profile. It doesn’t replace the anecdotal information for application and use. All of Chinese medicine is anecdotal. Formulas and herbs in use for thousands of years with millions for people. Herbalists build on the knowledge and use of thousands of years of experience and add their own unique perspective based on the times and conditions afflicting the population. It’s like cooking – different variations of known ingredients producing new and amazing results.

TianChi is a great example. It’s a formula of herbs used for thousands of years mixed with modern nutrients to a produce a very uplifting experience. Placebo will never be taken out of the picture because all medicine requires human interaction. If you trust the practitioner or the product the results are slant toward positive. Someone who cares and puts their heart into their practice, naturally increases the placebo effect.

I was immediately attracted to Chinese herbology because of the herbs that potentiate heart opening. This particular effect is vital to tonic herbalism, as opening the heart plays a vital role in dealing with stress and shifting your energy body. Herbs like polygala, albizzia and reishi can easily shift your energy. That’s why I use them in TianChi and Inner Peace.

Adaptogenic herbs combined with heart opening herbs can begin the process of becoming more human. You’re more engaged in positive experiences and less dominated by the stressed brain survival instinct. This makes a subtle yet important shift in every level of your health. Face it. We are all placebo’s. We all have the potential to change every person we come in contact with.

Roger Drummer


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