Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Health conscious people tend to be very strict in their food choices and it’s easy to do yourself more harm than good. It’s great to have a plan and stick to it but lets face it; once in a while you need to lighten up and be in the moment.

I eat a ketogenic diet, which is pretty radical compared to most. I also have a kitchen and pantry full of great options for my diet and it’s easy to follow. I also know that the holidays will expose me to a lot of situations where I’m confronted with food not particularly suited to the plan.

The ketogenic diet is based on controlling blood sugar and ketone levels in the blood. The best part about it is the almost total lack of cravings for sweets. This makes it easy to handle situations involving food you might not be accustomed to eating. That said, a few nights of straying off the diet is not going to do great harm and may be better for you than total abstinence from the holiday experience.

-Roger Drummer

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