Healthy Fat Fertility

Healthy Fat and Fertility

Fat is all the rage these days and its curative powers are being touted for almost every neurological disease, autoimmune disease and now fertility. Is it all just common sense nutrition or hyperbole? As with all things, the truth is in the details.

Americans aren’t starving for fat. The average person gets 30% of their calories from fat, but unfortunately the quality of fat is pretty low with the largest portion coming from hydrogenated oil and various other vegetable oils. These are definitely not the kind your nervous system needs to have a healthy neurological system. In fact, these types of oils prevent the uptake of essential fats into the cells.

This creates huge health issues since the very low amount of good fat you eat gets blocked or crowded out by these toxic oils. The same toxic oil creates a lot of inflammation in your arteries and nervous system. By blocking the use of good fat, toxic oil creates a type of inflammation stemming from deficiencies of vital nutrients getting into the cells.

Simply adding some healthy fats to your diet won’t do much for you unless you eliminate the bad fats first. Toss out the vegetable oil, margarine, fast food, packaged foods, and roasted nuts. Start using avocados, raw nuts and seeds, olive oil and coconut oil. Eat fish, fish oil, grass fed butter and try to avoid cooked fat. Of course none of this will benefit you unless you limit the sugar and other carbs in your diet. Combining extra healthy fat with too much sugar creates its own toxic mess and isn’t much of an improvement on your former diet.

Getting healthy fat into your system sets you up for improved health,however it’s just a starting point. Thinking food alone will cure your illnesses doesn’t take into account the extreme imbalances you might have after decades of poor eating. After decades as an herbalist I’ve seen miracles happen with herbal programs that create the immediate shift needed to move toward a state of wholeness. Diet is always adjusted along with the program, but herbs have a way of creating change right away.

I used to specialize in helping people with fertility issues. I often dealt with people who were desperate and considered me their last hope. I was always amazed at how much a person’s fertility could change in a matter of weeks, given the right herbs, healthy fats, and some hope. Stress is one of the major causes of infertility – nothing interferes with fertility like stress. I remember a lesson from one of my clients who had issues with the quality of his sperm. He had a high count but he was still considered infertile. How could that be? Well according to his fertility doctor, all of his sperm were malformed and swam in circles. The cause? Chronic stress!

It doesn’t get any more profound than that lesson to see how stress affects you on a cellular level. Changing your diet and dealing with your stress isn’t just about being happier and having less tension – it can have a huge impact on your life-force and reproductive system.

-Roger Drummer

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