Instant Energy with D-Ribose

When you think of instant energy, you’ll often just think of coffee or caffeine. That may be one way of getting a boost, but if you rely on that alone you will eventually burn out because it doesn’t supply your cells with the material needed to make real energy.

Your cells have to be able to make ATP or adenosine triphosphate – the source of all cellular energy. Ribose forms the backbone of ATP and without a constant source, your body will fall short. This is especially important for athletes. Energy recovery and tissue repair are much slower in the heart and major muscle groups, the exact places athletes are continuously stressing. Ribose fuels the process that replenishes ATP and other energy essentials in your cells.

Now for the average person this might not mean much. As a former triathlete I’m always tinkering with my own program and trying to put high quality substances into my own body. I might not be running like a well-kept Mercedes anymore but that doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself like one.

I love ribose and the simplicity of it. It’s pretty basic and yet profound. I love it enough that we changed our proprietary formula of TianChi to add a good dose of D-Ribose. It’s part of why we say it creates real energy. (I’m sure you thought we just made that up.)

It’s always great to see your theories play out in real life and I just had the opportunity to experience that. We have a lot of athletes on our product from weekend warriors to Olympic hopefuls, and so we get a lot of feedback on the product. One of our runners had hit the wall two weeks before the state finals.

I got a frantic call for help and simply adjusted her diet and had her add ten grams of D-Ribose powder to her program. This athlete was already on TianChi, which was supplying her with four grams per day. While that is a good dose for the average person – she is anything but average and going for a championship, having already signed on to the best track school in America.

So how long did it take to notice an effect? THE NEXT DAY!

I got a call the next afternoon after she had one of those workouts where you just lay waste to everyone and everything that gets in your way. This has continued ever since she added that little boost to her program.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that turn out to have the most profound effect. The lesson here is stick to what you cells require for the task at hand and let nature take care of the rest.

-Roger Drummer

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  1. And here I thought it was just the caffeine that gave me my morning boost with TianChi! I’ve been drinking TianChi for over 5 years now. Periodically, I think I can do without it and I always pay the consequences. So TianChi and ASEA are the two supplements I will never do without.

    Thank you for continuing to make it better and better- no wonder I’m ‘hooked’ for life. 🙂

    I sing your praises all the time- you remain one of my favorite people!

    Warm regards, Beth

    1. Hi Bradley,

      That really depends on the rest of your diet day to day. I’ve been in ketosis for over a year now and TianChi didn’t effect it. I usually used it before workouts and also experimented with adding MCT to it. I love the taste of the oil in it. In my own personal journey with ketosis I find that over eating throws me off. A little carb intake actually lowers my blood sugar as it activates a little insulin response.

      Let me know of your own experiences working it into your program.


  2. Hi Roger

    So glad to stay connected !! This past ueR I lost my sister to complications with diabetes that she never took seriously- during this same time I finally went to the doctor for some crazy symptoms I was experiencing and dealing with for nearly a year – taking many Nikken Supplements for years and now Zija I was familiar with a more healthy lifestyle and made a significant change in diet because I heard the diagnosis of Type II Diabetes – losing 45 lbs on that darn Metformin in the first 3 months wasn’t because I was trying – that stuff made me nauseous day and night – so I quit the meds to work this out with diet and alas exercise as long as I can / now on Dr McDougals diet I am holding but not losing and even with My Zija (Thank God for that) I still need more energy in a way that doesn’t spike my BG or break the bank – Zija helped me nutritionally AND saved me $$$

    Will this product help me

    A lot of Info for a five word question lol

  3. Hi Connie,
    I think TianChi could be highly beneficial. It does help curb your appetite and we’ve had a lot of people lose weight using it. It’s not a weight loss product but it resets your brain and sometimes helps with cravings.
    If you’re not losing weight on the McDougal diet, try something else until you find the one that peaks your metabolism. The Paleo diet seems to work well for people and it limits grains which for most diabetics it’s the thing that ruins blood sugar levels.


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