Ketogenesis Blood Sugar

Ketogenesis – It’s All About Blood Sugar

I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for over a year now and decided to have a week of moderate carb intake to see what effect it would have on staying in the ketozone.  I define ketozone as the perfect blend of blood sugar and blood ketones resulting in a Glucose/Ketone index of 1 or below.  In medical terms this shows a state of ketosis where cancer cells are deprived of their food supply. In other words, you’re starving cancer to death.

I didn’t just jump off the wagon and start eating every carb I could find.  I added about 100 grams of carbs to my diet, mostly from starchy veggies and a few grains. I’ll admit I celebrated with a few pieces of toast with my eggs. I ate some long fermented sourdough bread and even some gluten free bread. Still, I didn’t eat excessively and didn’t gain a pound. But what I noticed was pretty alarming.

My blood sugar jumped from an average of 75-80 to 125 which is diabetic stage. My ketones dropped from an average of 4 to an average of .4—a huge drop. No matter how many tricks I tried to raise my ketones nothing worked.  I decided I better go back to ground zero. I fat fasted for 40 hours which means I basically stopped eating at 7pm and didn’t eat food again until 11am 2 days later. I did consume some MCT oil and butter during my fast, since this doesn’t trigger an insulin response your body still goes through the process of using up blood sugar.

I tested myself that day and my blood sugar reversed. I went from 125 to 72, and my ketones went up to 5.2 from .4.  I was able to go back into ketosis and regulate my sugar in just one and a half days of dieting. During the carb week nothing I did would raise my ketones. When my sugar dropped my ketones shot way up. My body regulates itself really well on a low carb, high fat diet. It doesn’t take very long to see benefits.

So what does this all mean? For one it shows how much power you have over your body function by simply changing your food. It should be a powerful lesson to type 2 diabetics.  Change your diet and change your disease.

It also shows the powerful effect of stressors on the physical body. I’m allergic to wheat. Eating food your allergic to causes a stress response, which shuts down insulin and spikes your blood sugar. We all assume all of our stress comes from our mental/emotional issues. Sugar, food allergens, and various toxic chemicals all cause a stress response. Combined with an out of control emotional life and you’re on the path to diabetes and every other chronic illness.

This is why I talk about the importance of food because I know that Inner Peace and TianChi are great formulas for stress, but eating a junk food diet limits their effectiveness. If you clean up your diet, and work on your level of stress, you can avoid the most common pitfall of aging – chronic degenerative disease.

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  1. Hi Cerene,

    Yes! I’m keto and I use it. TianChi only has 33 calories and even that is misleading—sort of. D-ribose is half of the calories and according to BIOENERGY, it doesn’t actually have any calories but they are required to list it as having 4 calories a gram. So it can easily be worked into a keto diet.

    I was actually following a medical ketogenic diet and didn’t have a problem with it. The first 3 months I mainly took Inner Peace but started working in TianChi after that. My reasons for doing this had nothing to do with the calories in it but the fact that I had to take so many other herbs that I cut back on some things. I found TianChi lowered my blood sugar sometimes and other times raised it a little.This is something that D-ribose is known for-lowering blood sugar-usually in larger amounts. I became so good at the diet I never got over the glucose/ketone index of 1—medical ketosis.
    As with all things on this diet it has to be worked in to see the results.
    I hope this helps.

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