Ketosis and Performance

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When you’re talking about ketosis and performance you have to break it down into at least two categories; brain and athletic performance.

It’s a known fact that cells require glucose for energy. Your brain is no different. In fact your brain uses up approximately 30% of your daily energy. One of the problems with this is that a huge percentage of americans are actually pre diabetic, meaning they are insulin resistant. Basically this means your brain cells cannot utilize the glucose they need for proper brain energy. This is where ketosis and performance can be of the greatest help in recovering your brain energy. If you can switch your metabolism over to burning fat, your body can convert fat molecules into a water soluble fat called ketones, which can supply your brain with an alternative fuel. Most people who make the effort to change over to fat as their primary fuel, experience a big lift in mental clarity.

Ketosis also works for physical performance. Most people wouldn’t think of ketosis and performance as having anything to do with working out but if applied properly it can make a huge difference in endurance. Your body can only store enough glucose for a few hours of physical exertion, but if you’re burning fat you have an almost endless supply. The key is training your system to run on it.

As with all new disciplines it’s best to get professional help when trying something new. It requires switching your whole body’s normal pattern of making energy. Ketosis is fast becoming all the rage in the health industry but in my opinion, ketosis and performance should always be mentioned together.

-Roger Drummer

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