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Making Wise Choices About the Food You Eat

Are you currently putting nutrients into your body that allow it to work more efficiently – or are you eating nutritionally deficient junk food that makes your system work harder in order to keep you healthy?

Do you realize that every single moment of every single day your body is continuously adjusting to what you put into it and what you do to it?

The choice is simple…with every bite you can either build “Life Force”, or take it away. If you choose to put nutrient rich food into your body all of the time, or at least most of the time, it will make it much easier for your body to regulate itself and be continually moving toward a state of health. Your body reacts very quickly to whatever you consume.

Science has proven that health improves or declines with each meal.
Eating healthy foods, supplementing, and making sure you make the correct choices for your body is very important. If you understand that the food you put into your body can have such an immediate effect on you, then doesn’t it make sense for you to choose to put things in your mouth that cause your health to improve?

The modern diet is loaded with empty calories and also laden with chemicals, most of which are not even fit for animals. Think about it – would you give your dog a diet soda? It is important to understand that over the long term, nutrient deficient food choices will cause inflammation, which will then cause your body to overuse it’s stored energy. When this happens, your body tries to compensate to keep you healthy in the moment so that everything in your system doesn’t fail.

Chronic health issues, or degenerative diseases, are usually conditions of long-term nutrient deficiency and stress. This is why chronic issues appear to be and are generally accepted as a part of aging.

It’s also important to realize that it is not only emotional and physical stress that can wreak havoc on your nervous system, but also the food you eat. Nutritional stress caused by your food choices play a crucial role in determining whether an additional burden is placed on your body.

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