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I truly believe in the healing power of Chinese herbs. They have transformed my life, and I’ve witnessed it happen for countless others in my 26 year career. As a Diplomate of Chinese Herbology, I’ve put tens of thousands of people on herbal programs with great success.

What makes Chinese herbology unique, is its fundamental principal of recognizing a person’s core imbalance and correcting it. It also recognizes that a healthy constitution can withstand tremendous outside influence. Therefore, restoring and maintaining vitality is the foundation of Chinese herbology.

People are suffering from chronic stress and losing vitality, which typically leads to poor health. Through my work with Chinese herbs, I have been able to help people create an internal environment where they can thrive and enjoy life.

Inspired to bring this healing and awareness to the world, I’ve created TianChi and Inner Peace.

TianChi creates real energy. By relaxing the nervous system and fully activating the brain, TianChi creates a state of calm, clear, energy. This is what we mean when we state that TianChi creates Real Energy! This rare combination allows you to handle the complexities of a high-stress life while having fun and avoiding burnout.

Inner Peace is designed to promote maximum calming and restoration after a long day of work or even just working out. The foundation of Inner Peace is the herbal component from TianChi. It’s the perfect adrenal restorative and sets you up for a great night’s sleep. Inner Peace is a perfect formula for stress, anxiety or simply taking the edge off your day.

Roger Drummer

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