Telephones Telomeres Brain Death

Telephones, Telomeres, and Brain Death

Protecting your brain should be an obvious decision if you’re involved in taking care of your health. Without a healthy brain, nothing else will seem to be working up to par. When you take care of your brain, everything else will fall into place. The ultimate goal is to create a baseline of health for your brain – simultaneously dealing with stress and adding brain essentials makes sure you deal with basic nutritional needs and the main source of inflammation.

Telomeres are a new and exciting discovery and a great way to measure longevity and health. The test is cost prohibitive for most people, but science has pretty much discovered enough about how they work to make it easy for the rest of us to want to take extra care of them, especially when it comes to our brain.

Telomeres are the cap on the end of your chromosomes that maintain chromosomal integrity. Try to think of them as the caps on the ends of your shoelaces. Every time a cell divides telomeres are shortened and slightly damaged. It’s hardly noticeable at first, but after a while they become frayed and need replacing. Your telomeres can only suffer so much before experiencing cellular death. The length of your telomeres can be used for determining your longevity. Shortened telomeres are linked to cellular damage, aging and cancer. Shortened telomeres are associated with a ten times increase in the risk of death from cancer. Is there anything we can do about it? Actually, there is!

In 2009 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for the discovery of telomerase, an enzyme found to influence the life span of telomeres by repairing and replacing them. You can even buy a supplement to enhance your telomerase and telomeres for a few thousands of dollars a month. Notice I said you can buy it – because I sure can’t afford to! But that doesn’t mean I’m not currently doing something about it, and so can you. The number one thing that accelerates the loss of telomeres is stress. As you know I make excellent formulas designed for stress – TianChi and Inner Peace.

Calorie restriction and intermittent fasting is another way to help slow down telomeres shortening. Almost everyone eats too much, so cutting back isn’t a problem. The fasting is easier than you think. Eat your last meal before 7pm and don’t eat until 8am and you’ve started intermittent fasting by going 13 hours without food. Most of which was spent sleeping. One of the tricks to it all is proper supplementation. Resveratrol preserves telomeres and does such a great job it actually mimics the effect of fasting. I get my resveratrol from TianChi and work on my stress at the same time. It’s also good to work on inflammation as it speeds up destruction of telomeres. Nutrients like reveratrol, B6, methycobalamin, methylfolate all help keep it in check which are all found in our stress and brain formula TianChi.

So where do telephones fit into all of this? Well you can’t talk about brain health, inflammation and brain death without mentioning how cell phone radiation damages the brain. You’ll never see it in the press very often due to how money censors the news but holding a cell phone up to your head for fifteen minutes damages brain cells. This goes on for close to three hours after exposure. It’s called inflammation and you can bet it’s affecting the telomeres in your brain. The amount of damage is due to length of exposure and the presence of protective nutrients the brain has available to offset the assault. Poor diet equals no protection. Remember that.

So what do you do? Limit cell phone conversations, use the speaker as often as possible and feed your brain. Get some extra nutrients in your diet that TianChi doesn’t supply like Vitamin D and Omega-3’s. Both are fat-soluble (hint – your brain is mostly fat) and have been shown to even lengthen telomeres! Both are in my program along with my special formulas for stress. You have it within your power to make the choices to preserve and protect your brain telomeres. It doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars and it may be the most important choice you ever make.

-Roger Drummer

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