The 4 Most Important Things to do for Brain Health

The four most important aspects of brain health are stress, nutrition, circulation and inflammation. All four play major roles in damaging the brain and the combination of any of them amplifies the effect. If you can effectively deal with stress, eat well, supplement, and pay attention to circulation, then inflammation should be under control.

Stress opens the floodgates of damage to the hippocampus area of the brain—the center responsible for accessing and laying down memories. Excessive stress hormone turns the hippocampus into a sponge for environmental toxins the wreck havoc in the brain.

The brain is especially vulnerable to poor nutrition as it has specific nutritional requirements that usually cannot be met through diet alone. Supplements and nutrient dense food supply the brain with fuel and protection for long-term maintenance and high performance. Most people are suffering from starvation of the brain and only require a trauma or stressor to start spiraling downward.

Circulation is often just mentioned in relation to heart disease but the smaller capillaries feeding the brain may be compromised long before a major artery begins to close. Poor circulation accounts for a major portion of people suffering from loss of memory.

Inflammation is the key buzzword for most chronic diseases and memory loss is no exception. Combining specific herbs and antioxidants is key to keeping the brain supplied with oxygen.

Adaptogenic herbs for stress also function as antioxidants. Combining nutrient dense food with formulas for stress and nutrition guarantee a highly functional brain that doesn’t fall into the common patterns of poor circulation and inflammation the currently plagues this country.

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