Yoga Of Intuition

The Yoga of Intuition

If you have a gut feeling on what this article is about – you’re probably wrong. Everyone confuses intuition with gut feeling, that feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you something is wrong or right with the situation. I’m talking about something different, something better. It’s your higher intuition.

Your higher intuition involves direct knowing, something often referred to as buddhic knowing or direct perception. When it happens it’s like being given the answer to a puzzle, non-verbally, that is always right. There isn’t any feeling about it, you just know. So how do you develop this buddhic knowing? Is it something you can actually influence or enhance? Well, it’s complicated.

This type of knowing depends on having highly developed energy centers in your brain. These energy centers or chakras, are part of every single human beings energy anatomy. They are more fully active in certain people for a variety of reasons.

India has a long history of yoga and Ayurveda, which is based on energy anatomy. Tantra, an esoteric science within Ayurvedic philosophy, has some of the oldest detailed descriptions of the chakra system. Each chakra is associated with a gland and influences the surrounding organs. The chakra/glandular combination involved in higher intuition is the crown chakra and the pineal gland.

Now I know it sounds “out there” to many people and it’s hard to make sense of a lot of esoteric information if you haven’t had a direct experience of it. Personally I find it fascinating. In fact I’ve been studying it as a hobby for over 25 years and have a lot of direct experience with it. At this point in my life talking about the chakras and energy body isn’t any different than talking about vitamins, herbs or even baseball. I’ve had enough direct experience of it to know that it all exists.

There are a lot of ways to put your self in a position to experience higher intuition. Chanting mantras, meditation and prayer all open the crown chakra for limited periods of time. The effect is accumulative. It’s no different than going to the gym to build muscle – expanding and opening the crown usually happens over time with constant practice.

Meditation, prayer and chanting all have one thing in common. They all put you in an energetic position to have an experience. You may have heard me use that phrase from time to time. It’s because I use it to describe Inner Peace and TianChi. Both formulas influence the same energy centers in the brain associated with the crown and pineal gland.

By now you might be figuring out one of the main ways we block ourselves off from higher intuition or experiences—chronic stress. You see that old nemesis stress isn’t just wrecking your physical health, it’s blocking your experience of your true self, of having transformation experiences that are life changing. Anytime you can relax your nervous system, you have the opportunity to connect with your self and the world around you. Who knows, maybe you’ll even achieve real inner peace.

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