Western Medicine Is Inferior Medicine

Western Medicine is Inferior Medicine

I’m sure this article will raise the ire of practitioners of our current medical system but it’s true. The way we practice western medicine is an inferior way of dealing with health. The whole idea of waiting until someone breaks down and manifests a chronic illness is an inferior way of taking care of people.

Of course a system of medicine for the masses may require generalizing the bulk of it for serious illnesses but isn’t there room for education and teaching? The idea of inferior medicine comes from China. Thousands of years ago the Taoists, who were the originators of the herbal system, came up with a way of classifying herbalism into three categories – Superior, general and inferior.

Superior herbs support life. Often referred to as tonics, they can be taken daily with the idea of reaching a state of health beyond danger. Illnesses would be short lived as a body in this state of health would easily regroup and move on. I’ve created all of the HerbWorks formulas based on the idea of utilizing Superior herbs such as adaptogens and other tonics to handle stress and build up a strong foundation of health. Our formulas Inner Peace, TianChi, Mushroom Complex, and Sleep and Recover – are all based on this theory of superior herbs.

General herbs are used to correct imbalances that occur from seasonal and emotional disturbances. They are also useful for helping the body assimilate the superior herbs balance out their effects. Inferior herbs are simply medicines or poisons. They are meant to kill something that has invaded the body such as an infection or fever. These herbs are only used in times of drastic need and could create problems if given to otherwise healthy people.

Most of the drugs used in western medicine fall into the category of inferior medicines. Given to healthy people they may cause extreme health issues. Imagine giving a drug for high blood pressure to someone with normal blood pressure. You probably would be sending them to the hospital with a low blood pressure condition completely induced by the drugs. In certain cases this could be a life-threatening problem.

Antidepressants fall into this category as well. Very few people are actually tested and shown to need them, yet western medicine hands them out like candy. The change they may make to an otherwise healthy brain causes it’s own health problems, one of which is suicidal behavior. Depending on inferior herbs or drugs after falling ill is an inferior way of looking at health. Yet this is the basis of all western medicine.

This doesn’t mean that western medicine is inferior or low quality. Western medicine is amazing in action, especially for trauma and emergency situations. It just means it is set up for emergency intervention and there is nothing in it for prevention. Waiting for an emergency to do something about your health isn’t just an inferior medical program, it’s an inferior way to live.

-Roger Drummer

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