What Happens If Your Immune System Fails

What Happens To Your Body If Your Immune System Fails?

Strengthen your immune system

Mushroom Complex™ is an exclusive blend of organic mushrooms and Chinese herbs designed to amplify your immune system and mobilize natural killer (NK) cell activity, giving your body the best resistance possible.  This formula contains a balanced blend of medicinal mushrooms grown on our patented substrate that enhances antioxidant activity to keep your immune system at its peak.  There is no other mushroom blend in the world that is more effective.

Mushroom Complex™ is a natural blend of organic mushrooms and Chinese herbs that:

Provide Full Spectrum Immunity
Intensify NK Cell Activity
Maintain Health & Vitality

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  1. Rodger, I have been taking tian chi since beginning. You will remember me as the heavy set woman from Lancaster PA with spinal cord injury.

    I have now been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. Blood is not picking up enough oxygen in my lungs to fuel my muscles. Leads to too weak to function and o2 in low 80’s. Traditional Rx is called Adempis from Bayer. I am also looking at the supplements from the Web institute which are herbal based but no physician support. Please advise any suggestions . Thank you.

    Brenda Pittman.

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