What is the Best Diet for Stress?

What’s the best diet for stress? No matter what your level of stress, you have to have a diet plan. Eating is so much a part of your life that you shouldn’t be waiting for a crisis to make decisions about food. In fact, it just may be what prevents your normal stressors from developing into a crisis. Your diet should give you energy and sustain your health.

Skipping meals, sugar addiction and stress is the perfect combination for burnout and chronic fatigue. Skipping meals taxes your adrenals, depletes energy, and sets you up for binge eating. It also creates moods swings and the desire to change the way you feel. There are four common ways to instantly change the way you feel – sugar, drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

If you can get a handle on the sugar cravings, all of your other cravings will be minimized also. Sugar cravings usually indicate a diet that’s lacking protein for breakfast. Your brain likes a shot of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the morning to power up for the day. It can only make dopamine from protein so have plenty for breakfast. Dopamine also controls cravings for sweets so the long-term benefits are pretty obvious.

Get your diet under control and you might just find out your job isn’t so stressful after all.

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