Astragalus: The Great Protector

Astragalus: The Great Protector

Astragalus is considered one of the greatest Chinese tonic herbs, a premier chi tonic and immune builder. It is said to strengthen bone marrow, blood and life force. It’s one of the primary herbs of Fu Zheng therapy, used to protect and enhance immune function during chemotherapy and radiation.

Fu Zheng means "to support the root," and consists of herbs that support a persons life force and immunity while undergoing radical treatments for cancer. Fu Zheng herbs include adaptogens, tonics, and herbs to support the organ systems.

Astragalus based formulas have been shown to enhance the quality and survival of people undergoing radical western treatments for cancer.

Fu Zheng herbs

At HerbWorks, we incorporate Fu Zheng herbs in all of our adaptogenic formulas because it’s easy to recognize the need to protect someone’s health from stress - one of the main reasons for the loss of vitality and immune function.

Weak adrenals lead to a host of other health issues besides making it easier to fall back into a full on stress response. The Fu Zheng herbs we incorporate into TianChi, Inner Peace and Sleep and Recover include astragalus, rhodiola, eleuthero, reishi, schizandra, polygonatum multiflorum, lycium, eucommia, and licorice.

Maintaining health and vitality

All of these herbs can be utilized by healthy people to remain maintain health and avoid the need for radical treatment. By always strengthening the inner body you develop the ability to ward off illness and increase your recovery power. 

Tonic herbs are famous for building the type of health that’s described as “beyond danger.”

While TianChi is usually thought of as a great brain and stress formula we often forget about these great restorative properties. This is what makes it truly unique. It not only makes you feel better, it builds health and inner strength as well.

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