Immunity for your Brain - Baicalin

Immunity for your Brain - Baicalin

How’s your immune system doing?

Mushrooms are at the top of the list of supplements that can help keep your immune system robust, but you might be surprised to know that they can't handle everything for your brain. Your brain’s immune cells need their own special treatment to make sure they are working right -  and the best herb for that is baicalin.

Baicalin is the active ingredient in scutellaria, a Chinese herb used to fight infection and inflammation. It also makes it past the blood-brain barrier to help the brain’s immune cells - the microglia cells. These are the cells that control inflammation and influence brain aging. 

Taking the Garbage Out...Of Your Brain

Unlike your body’s immune cells that self-regulate, the microglia or glial cells have a primitive program. Once they turn on, they ravage throughout the brain unchecked, gobbling up any neurons experiencing inflammation. This is why we use baicalin in our own immune boosting formula—Mushroom Complex.

Glial cells outnumber neurons by ten to one. Normally glial cells act like garbage collectors - cleaning up dead neurons, beta amyloid plaque, and other cellular debris that disrupts cellular communication.

When they kick into hyperdrive, they cause an inflammatory immune response and neuroinflammation which can shut down energy production and endurance, leading to neurodegenerative conditions. Baicalin is one of the few natural substances that can be used to control it!

Controlling Inflammation

The best way to control the glia is to not activate them in the first place. Diabetes and high blood sugar, lack of circulation and exercise, anemia, head trauma, gluten, environmental toxins, and low brain antioxidant levels all contribute. 

Dietary toxins and low levels of brain nutrients/antioxidants seem to be the combination that sets them off. For this reason baicalin may be one of the most important herbs in the world to offset modern living and add a layer of protection to your brain.

It’s for this reason it’s one of the most practical substances to take on a daily basis for controlling brain inflammation, and one of the best ways to get it is in Mushroom ComplexBaicalin is what truly makes it a complete immune enhancing formula for maintaining a robust immune system for your body and brain!

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