Reduce Inflammation in Your Brain

Reduce Inflammation in Your Brain

A question you might ask yourself is, “How Can I Reduce Inflammation in my Brain?”

The answer to this involves two simple things:

  • Reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that make it into your brain. 
  • Regulate stress response with the daily use of adaptogens.

Toxic Chemicals       

Unfortunately, when the hippocampus - the memory center of your brain, is exposed to long-term excessive stress hormone, it becomes a sponge that absorbs toxins at an accelerated level. 

It would be best to avoid chemicals such as MSG and aspartame in your food, the excessive consumption of alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride and chlorine in your water...the list goes on and on.

The average person is exposed to far too many chemicals that can cause excessive inflammation in the brain and excessive stress only adds fuel to the fire.

Regulating Stress

It’s important to focus on inflammation, as degenerative brain disease is quickly becoming a worldwide epidemic.

Adaptogens help regulate the effects of stress and inflammation in the body - with an emphasis on inflammation in the brain.

Drink TianChi every morning and you will influence all of the energy centers in your brain and reduce inflammation which results in less stress, more energy, increased focus, and even adrenal support.

With the ability to shut off excessive stress hormones, you can start protecting your body and brain from harmful chemicals trying to make it into your system and wreak havoc.

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