Rhodiola - Anti-Aging For The Brain

Rhodiola - Anti-Aging For The Brain

Rhodiola, known as the “Rose of Heaven,” is the perfect example of a tonic herb, a substance that strengthens a weakness or deficiency in the body.

This flowering herb, grown at extreme elevation, has so many positive effects on human physiology; it just may be the ultimate adaptogenic tonic herb in the world, which is why it is found in our very own formula for TianChi!

Rhodiola extract enhances overall immunity and increases endurance. Studies have shown consuming rhodiola extract before exercise increases the release of fat from adipose tissue and may be the perfect herb for melting belly fat. It is also an antioxidant and a memory enhancer.

Rhodiola may be the only herb that works on both the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.

It has been studied for over 70 years as a natural treatment for anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia. In Tibet, rhodiola is often gifted at weddings as a symbol of fertility and longevity. 

Rhodiola is considered anti-aging for the brain

It can protect your brain against learning and memory impairment and has many other amazing benefits. Stress is a major issue for everyone. Rhodiola is one of the best herbs for calming and resetting the stress response and lowering cortisol.

It stabilizes pituitary function and promotes brain coherence. The whole idea of using adaptogens, along with a nutrient blend specific for brain function to feed and nurture the brain, is what makes TianChi the standout brain formula it is today.

The high quality, pure extracts of herbs such as rhodiola are what make HerbWorks' formulas so effective and in high demand.

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