Sleep - More Important than Diet and Exercise

Sleep - More Important than Diet and Exercise

Did you know that sleep is more important than diet and exercise? 

It's pretty obvious that all of these are essential to vibrant health. But what would happen if you had to pick just one for a month? Which do you think would be the most important or have the most impact on your health?

You can let your diet slide for a couple of weeks before you notice it unless you go off the deep end and exist on pure sugar. Same with exercise, it takes a few weeks to notice a dip in energy. 

Quality sleep is the best indicator of overall health. If you miss just two days of sleep, your whole life starts to suffer.

Twenty years ago the mantra was “I’ll sleep when I die.” Today we know it’s true that if you don’t sleep, you’ll die much sooner. 

The Importance of Sleep

Poor sleep quality wreaks havoc with your brain, hormones, blood sugar, and immunity. Properly feeding your body and brain can make a huge difference with your sleeping habits.

Getting good quality sleep on your own might be a challenge. If you have trouble drifting off at night, you might want to try our adaptogenic herbal formula Sleep and Recover

Take Sleep and Recover an hour before bedtime and you will...

  • Fall asleep naturally
  • Sleep throughout the night
  • Wake up refreshed

Hands down, sleep beats diet and exercise for immediate health benefits. Can you imagine what the combination of all three might do for you?! 

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John Zatkovich

I’ll give it a try. let you know the results

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