The Peak of Neurogenesis

The Peak of Neurogenesis

One of the best discoveries in medical science over the last decade is this idea that our brains can actually grow new neurons - aka neurogenesis.

Since the beginnings of neurology, man has always thought that the brain you’re born with is the one you die with—give or take a few billion neurons lost to aging, injuring, alcohol, and drugs. Neurogenesis has been all the rage lately as this idea of growing new neurons may change the way we look at brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and depression.

However, it turns out not everyone is on board with this idea. There are a lot of doubters who are still looking for definitive proof of the growth of new neurons, especially in the hippocampus area of the brain. This special area is responsible for memory, learning and mood regulation. If anything could impact the hippocampus, then it would seem to be a goldmine in the making.

Well actually, there are a few ways to impact the hippocampus, it’s just that they are nutrition and herbs—two things most scientists equate with voodoo. It’s sad to think that prejudice holds such a power over the basic idea of helping people, but it does. Instead of railing against the establishment here, I’ve decided to just tip you off to some easy ways to protect your brain.

Easy Ways to Protect Your Brain

First - lower your cortisol. This natural hormone turns destructive when elevated, creating inflammation in the hippocampus leading to the destruction of neurons. Combined with the nutrient deficiencies most people have, you’re setting yourself up for the slow death of your memory center.

Adaptogenic herbs are nature’s best solution for lowering cortisol. Part of the reason we formulated Inner Peace and TianChi was to control cortisol levels. You can't really say you have a full spectrum brain formula if you’re not working on the main ways it destroys itself. Secondly, you have to address inflammation from multiple angles.

One of the best anti-aging herbs for inflammation is resveratrol, which is why it is featured in the formula for TianChi.  So don’t worry too much about the fight over neurogenesis. Science by its very nature is argumentative, that’s how they sort things out.

The data is overwhelming in favor of brain health being influenced by nutrition & stress reduction, something HerbWorks has specialized in for over a decade!


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