Wildcrafted Herbs - Quality is the Key

Wildcrafted Herbs - Quality is the Key

The herbal industry is like any other industry in the world. There are varying levels of quality to the products made available to the public. It takes personal experience and expertise to be able to buy quality extracts.

I learned early on in my life as an herbalist that quality is the number one ingredient in making a formula. How can you expect to make something healing or life changing, while using low quality ingredients to make your formula? When we decided to make TianChi, we went against the “norm” in business and put quality above profit. This is why we use the herbs source that we do because they specialize in wildcrafted herbs. When it comes to herbal quality, wildcrafted is a cut above the rest.

Herbs from the wild

Wildcrafted means herbs brought in from the wild. Basically it indicates the herb isn’t grown on a farm but found out in nature in its natural habitat. They seem to have a more potent life force than something grown on a farm. The best analogy to this concept would be looking at a common food – blueberries. You can buy blueberries that are typical farmed berries, organic or not, and you can also get “wild” blueberries. It’s commonly known that the wild variety has twice the amount of antioxidant value as other blueberries. Blueberries are most often bought for their health properties and so it would just make sense to buy the wild variety.

That’s what we do for the herbs that go into TianChi and Inner Peace. We use a source that specializes in wildcrafted herbs. Then we take one step further to insure we get the best extracts for our products.

Every herb has an extract level that ensures it has the most potency. This isn’t determined by having the highest level of one particular chemical. That’s more of a drug mentality. It doesn’t work for most herbs used in multi-herb formulas. What you want is a full spectrum herbal extract. This type of extract has all the constituents that make it work in the proper ratio. To get this you have to find a company that understands herbs and the importance of full strength extract. That’s what we do for HerbWorks.

Herbal extracts

Some herbs extract out at 40:1, some are 10:1, some 5:1. What this all means is the number of pounds needed (40) to make 1 pound of extracted material. We have every herb in our products extracted to its exact strength and then bled them together in our formulas.

When we originally asked for this quality we surprised the manufacturer. Even though they specialized in this type of extract it was rare anyone brought that level of quality. As with most products on the market, the common order was for 5:1 extracts for every herb. That type of extract is cheaper to produce, but then again the bottom line for most companies is cost, not quality.

Here at HerbWorks we use the best quality wildcrafted herbs, extracted to full strength. The quality and care we put into TianChi, combined with proper formulation, is why TianChi and Inner Peace work so well, and why everyone loves our products! 


John Zatkovich

I love TianChi. I look forward to enjoying it every morning. It is one of the few products that is true to its’ description. It actually does provide calm, clear energy. I have a subscription because I don’ want to be without it. I take it with me when I travel. Thank you for enhancing every day!

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