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Mushroom Complex


Providing Full-Spectrum Immunity

Boosting immunity may be the most important part of your personal health program. Each mushroom in Mushroom Complex has its own unique polysaccharides which unlock various parts of your immune system to provide full-spectrum immunity.

We’ve concentrated our efforts on the five superstars of medicinal mushrooms to provide you with an effective dose of each. In addition to the immune properties these mushrooms provide, we have also added two of the most important Chinese herbs (astragalus and baicalin) for boosting the antiviral and antibacterial properties of our formula.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Your immune system is most often your first and last line of defense against invading viruses and bacteria. Mushroom Complex™ activates your immune system to make sure that it’s on guard to protect you when you need it the most.

Our formula contains a balanced blend of medicinal mushrooms grown on our patented substrate that enhances antioxidant activity to keep your immune system at its peak.

There is no other mushroom blend in the world that is more effective.

Intensify Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity

Mushroom Complex is designed to amplify your immune system and mobilize natural-killer (NK) cell activity, giving your body the best resistance possible.

Stress, poor diet, and environmental exposures create a toxic environment that weakens our immune system. It is important in our current times that you take daily protective measures to maintain overall immune health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Huge boost for my immune system!!!

Every year I dread the colder months, but this year was different! I started taking Mushroom Complex regularly in the fall and I've felt great throughout this whole winter season. Even with all of the snow! Thanks for making such a great product.

Must have Mushrooms

After trying a few other mushroom supplements, Mushroom Complex seems to have really help boost my immunity after taking them every day.

Mushroom complex

I started taking Mushroom Complex to address a very low immune function, stemming from lack of sleep and stress. I got immediate results. My immune system functionality went from 5% to over 70% in a 4 week timeframe. This is significant. This product is very powerful with no negative side effects. I have taken many other types of immune support and find that they help to a certain level, then stop. I have been using many high quality supplements for many years and this product is powerful. Thank you Roger and Zack. I am very grateful for your expertise and passion around Chinese herbs, nutrition and overall holistic health.

Unbelieveable immune product

For literally decades, I've had a flu and cold every single year, without one exception. This year, the only thing I did that's different is take the mushroom complex----and last Thursday evening, as if computerized, the flu struck, right on schedule. The difference was where, for decades, it stayed for two to three weeks, this time, the next day, it was gone with nothing but a very slight weakness which didn't interfere with anything I did--almost as a sign that the flu was in there, pitching but having almost no effect whatsoever--all this while I was watching the news about thousands of people this season not only suffering but dying. Pretty amazing product.

Mushroom Complex

I know Roger Drummer and his reputation for years and trust him 100%! I know that his products are developed and Manufactured with the upmost integrity and quality ingredients. I switched from another company’s mushroom product because I don’t believe they are made with that quality!

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