TianChi is a balanced formula designed to create "REAL Energy" by correcting imbalances in your body and brain caused by stress.


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  • More Energy
  • Increased Focus
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
  • Less Stress
  • Supports Adrenals


WOW - Impressive Formula! 

TianChi is AMAZING!
Energizing, and clarifying!
It gently awakens you without being wired.

This is the REAL DEAL!

                                         Josh L.

Brighten Your Mind

TianChi® is formulated to enhance cognitive ability, fueling your brain for peak performance. Its ingredients are clinically proven to promote and sustain optimal brain health, making it an ideal supplement for modern lifestyles.

When you drink TianChi® you will experience a noticable shift in your mood.

  • Feel happier
  • Be more creative
  • Stay energized

By tapping into adaptogenic herbs that re-establish homeostasis and strengthen the weaknesses that accompany long term stress, you will experience a major shift in health.  The herbs and nutraceuticalsin TianChi® put you in an energetic position to have a positive experience of life that is very empowering


Feel the Difference

Drink TianChi first thing in the morning to engage your brain, increase your energy and shift your mood. Peak performance is the key...start your day with TianChi.

TianChi means "Heavenly Energy"
...experience it for yourself.

Customer Reviews

Based on 194 reviews
Angie McLean
Great product I'm hooked

This is such a great product, I'm ecstatic about the results. I stayed drinking Tianchi first thing in the morning to begin my day. It tastes great and makes me feel great. I no longer need a cup of coffee, and I feel so much better all day. My daily meditations are more intense, and chakras are opening up more with the relaxing yet energetic effect. Thank you for this great formula! The packaging is great, and delivery was quick!

Sheila Sparks
new product packaging

I love this product and have been using it for years. However I really liked the little packages and wish they were still an option. The canister is not convenient for travel. This a great product that I will continue to use.

Thank you for your review Sheila.
I'm thrilled to hear that you've been enjoying TianChi for years.
The individual packets are still available in a 10 pack as well as a 25 pack but the cost has gone up due to production and packaging costs.

Great as always

Gosh, where do I start? I believe it was 2006 I was introduced to Roger Drummer and the name was Trion I believe that’s how you spell it and it changed my life. And TianChi, nothing better love love love everything about his products and his herbs

Laurie Kotorman
The perfect morning energizer

I've tried alot of supplements, and this is one I feel instantly in my entire system. Some people say it's expensive, and while it's not cheap-people think nothing of spending double the price of one packet on a Starbucks latte that might taste good, but does nothing for your cellular health. Now that the cannister will be available April 1st, it will be more affordable.

Thank you for your testimonial Laurie. We appreciate you!

Great product, expensive

I love this product. It makes me feel more awake and alert. I feel like it gives me a boost in my mood, too! Even the flavor is good. It sort of taste like the old Flintstones vitamins and who didn't love those!? The only thing it the cost. I can't justify spending this amount anymore on such little product :( I love it but there are similar products available at the health food store or even on Amazon for a much cheaper price that offered the same benefits to me.

Hi Shannon,
I wanted to express my gratitude for your testimonial. I just wanted to share some insights about TianChi with you. It's crafted meticulously with the highest quality ingredients available in the market. If one were to procure the active ingredients individually, in the same dosages present in TianChi, the cost would easily exceed $300 for a month's supply of supplements. We take immense pride in offering TianChi at $89, which we believe is a very reasonable price for such a premium formula.

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