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Feel the Difference

Drink TianChi first thing in the morning to engage your brain, increase your energy and shift your mood.  Peak performance is the key...start your day with TianChi.

TianChi means "Heavenly Energy" ...experience it for yourself.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  It's the BEST!

"An absolute game changer.
If there were such a thing as a magic pill...or drink, TianChi would be it!
Thank you HerbWorks!"
~ Brooke G.


The adaptogens in TianChi are considered nature's perfect food. These amazing herbs provide your body and brain with optimal nutrients to create "Real Energy".

The beauty of adaptogenic herbs is that they influence all of the energy centers of your brain and reduce inflammation to help balance your HPA-axis. This results in...

More Energy
Increased Focus & Mental Clarity
Less Stress
Adrenal Support

Formulated with powerful adaptogenic herbs and nutrients, TianChi positively impacts neurological activity while at the same time reduces stress creating calm, clear energy.



Stay focused with mental clarity.  When you drink TianChi, you will definitely feel your mood shift. You will feel happier, more creative and energized.

Designed to have a positive impact on your cognitive ability by fueling your brain for maximum performance, there are ingredients in TianChi that are clinically proven to promote and maintain optimal brain health. TianChi is the perfect supplement for modern living.

Turn your brain on and keep it on!


Peak Performance at its BEST

Stay on top of your game.

Whether you are working out or just working, TianChi creates "REAL Energy" by properly feeding your brain, regulating your nervous system and stopping the constant loss of energy due to various adrenal stressors.


Awaken Your Spirit...
Discover the REAL You

Be radiant and experience knowing your true self.  TianChi opens you up energetically allowing you to experience life on a whole new level.

It really is "Heavenly Energy"

Customer Reviews

Based on 177 reviews
I Got "Head Tingles"

This is the first time that I ordered TianChi. My order was delivered about 45 min ago. Took a packet and it took about 15 min before I felt it. My eyes popped open and I got head tingles. Crazy. This stuff is great.

I LOVE my TianChi!

Thank you for making this product!! I have CIRS and it is the ONLY supplement that moves the needle for me. Please NEVER stop making TianChi!

Soflty Strongly

For the fatigue it needs a little More Time.

But I can feel a relief in my brain and a certain calm coming back, falling asleep normally is returning after a long vacation.

From France, kindly

Feel good instantly

My favorite supplement to take. Drink in the morning and feel amazing all day. Energy is up and body feels amazing! Everyone should drink this every day!

Frederick Harrison
Still in the TianChi Game

Funds are tight but I am still ordering my favorite morning elixir, TianChi. I alternate between this and Bulletproof Coffee. TianChi puts the superhuman in my mornings as my work day starts at 6am. I am still using the tips that Roger suggested years ago, MCT oil & fresh squeezed lemon juice to every serving. After all these years, the product is still high-quality and super amazing. Thank you Zack & Roger! Please keep these envelopes of superior awesomeness coming!

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