Adaptogens and Adrenals

Adaptogens and Adrenals

When a stressful situation occurs, adaptogens can help manage how your adrenal glands react to producing and releasing increased stress hormones.

The daily use of adaptogenic herbs allows your body to enter into the recovery phase much faster than it normally would.

Inner Peace is a high-quality adaptogen blend that helps balance your HPA-axis so that you remain calm and clear during times of sudden or unexpected stress. It also helps with long-term and low level stress, which can eventually wear you down.

Balancing your HPA-axis allows the adrenal glands to conserve their resources, and reduce the amount of stress hormones they release as a response to outside stress.

Dealing with Stress

Once this happens, your body frees up energy to be used wherever it needs it most. This enables you to deal with stress without exhausting your adrenals, or making you feel weak and worn out.

Adaptogenic herbs can also promote the proper flow of energy by helping to control the balance between the sympathetic (stress response) and parasympathetic (relaxation and healing response) nervous systems, avoiding chronic stress.

Since chronic stress impairs your body’s ability to perform key functions and respond efficiently, this is why it’s so important to manage your stress before it turns into other long term health issues.

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