Podcast: Adaptogenic Herbs in Inner Peace

Podcast: Adaptogenic Herbs in Inner Peace

Did you know that adaptogens can retrain your body to function at an optimized level? 

Learn about about the adaptogens found in our formula for Inner Peace and how they can create positive effects such as: calming your nervous system, feeling well rested, and even detoxing your brain.

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  • 00:20  Why most health issues are related to stress
  • 04:45  Removing tension from your nervous system
  • 09:30  Listen to your body
  • 12:00  How athletes can benefit from adaptogens
  • 13:35  Adaptogens can make you feel well rested
  • 16:00  Herbs adapt depending on your stress level
  • 20:11 TianChi in the morning/Inner Peace in the evening
  • 22:00  Letting your body recover

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