Adaptogens: Fine Tuning Your Stress Response

Adaptogens: Fine Tuning Your Stress Response

You may not know it, but stress is the main factor contributing to poor health.

Eating a healthier diet will certainly boost the effectiveness of any nutritional supplements you may be taking, however, at HerbWorks we feel it is just as important to focus on a special type of herbal food called adaptogens. 

These are the most important group of herbal supplements you can use in your program. This is why we use adaptogenic herbs in all of our formulas.

These special herbs are considered foods and directly feed the process of homeostasis. Adaptogenic herbs can have a direct impact on how your body regulates itself with respect to all types of stress.

Nature’s Perfect Food

Adaptogens are nature's perfect answer to our present-day stress crisis. They directly feed the glands involved in the stress response, allowing your body to have the best chance to recover quickly with minimal damage. 

Over time, adaptogens may also allow you to respond differently to stressors and actually prevent you from falling into the repetitive pattern of overreaction to life experiences. 

This small class of herbs are the ONLY substances that have a direct effect on your hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal complex and the human stress response. Adaptogens can impact every single aspect of your health while allowing the rest of your health program to have a better and lasting effect.

By taking specific adaptogenic herbs every day, such as the proprietary herb blend found in our formulas for Inner Peace and TianChi, you are fine-tuning your own stress response and making sure that all of the glands involved are healthy. Your body will have the energy to move in and out of stress in a normal flow and not get locked into fight or flight! 



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