Is Stress Expanding Your Waistline?

Is Stress Expanding Your Waistline?

Do you find yourself reaching for that unhealthy snack? This could be a sign that you are eating unhealthy due to stress.

The first thing you want to do when you are stressed is to relieve it in some way. At this point, there isn’t any conscious decision making involved; you might try grabbing an unhealthy snack just to help alter the way you feel.

Dopamine and Willpower

This can become an issue if you are eating excessive sugar which starts the process of accelerating the storage of fat and creates a brain that becomes a slave to cravings.

Eating a diet dominated by sugar and simple carbohydrates creates a dopamine deficient brain incapable of curbing the cravings for sugar.

This lack of dopamine also affects your willpower and your ability to experience pleasure. Giving in to these cravings is the beginning of a full-fledged habit of poor choices!

Stress & Your Adrenals

By negatively affecting your adrenals, sugar allows you to be stressed and overreact to the situation at hand. When that happens, you just can’t wait to change the way you feel, and the vicious cycle continues.

This can create the kind of toxic abdominal fat and inflammation that guarantees a life of disease and early death. There is a better way to solve this seemingly endless pattern. 

The daily use of adaptogens and a healthy diet can put you on the right path to control your cravings and establish proper rhythms in your body and brain. 

Adaptogens such as rhodiola, ashwagandha, and reishi found in both TianChi and Inner Peace can give you a better chance to recover from stressful situations - before you even feel the need to reach for that unhealthy snack!


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