Podcast: Are You Starving Your Brain?

Podcast: Are You Starving Your Brain?

Did you know that nutritional deficiencies can actually trick you into thinking you have a medical problem or memory issue? 

We need to look at forgetfulness as a warning sign of brain starvation - just like feeling thirsty or hungry lets us know to replenish food and fluids. 

Proper sleep, nutrition, and stress relief are all brain essentials that become even more important as we age.

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00:00   O.L.D. syndrome

02:30   Lack of nutrition and the aging brain

06:15   How inflammation destroys your hippocampus

09:40   What are your deficiencies?

25:10   Stress can cause you to be sick

28:00  Moving toxins out of your brain and shutting off your stress response  

30:00  Getting a proper night's sleep with Sleep and Recover

31:33 How adaptogenic herbs help shut off your stress response


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