Ashwagandha: Restoring Optimal Brain Health

Ashwagandha: Restoring Optimal Brain Health

Adaptogens may hold the real secret to protecting and even restoring optimal brain function. These amazing herbs support mitochondrial energy and the production of ATP, optimizing the use of fats, proteins, and sugars.

They have even shown to reduce the formation of amyloid plaque by reducing the numerous inflammatory pathways that contribute to amyloid plaque buildup.

Ayurvedic Medical System

In Ayurveda, the Hindu medical system, ashwagandha is considered an elite herb used to promote physical and mental health, build overall resistance, and as the ultimate longevity substance.

It’s said to be of use in any condition associated with aging. It's growing in popularity as a preventative for senile dementia and Alzheimer’s. Withanolide A, extracted from ashwagandha root, has been shown to regenerate neuritis and rebuild receptors in severely damaged neurons.

Ashwagandha’s memory enhancing effects may be related to its ability to enhance acetylcholine receptors. It also has a GABA like effect in the brain promoting a sense of calm during times of duress.

Stress and Cortisol 

Besides being used to reduce stress, ashwagandha can have a multilayered effect on the body and brain. It has also been known to reduce cortisol, a naturally occurring stress hormone. Elevated cortisol is associated with hypertension, abnormal blood sugar, and many other inflammatory conditions.

Adaptogens like ashwagandha are what truly make our formulas for TianChi and Inner Peace so effective and life promoting!

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