Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

We live in an energetic environment, which influences every aspect of our health. In Chinese herbology, the universe is said to consist of Heaven and Earth, with man being the connection between the two. 

The earth’s magnetic resonance connects directly through the feet and influences the energy charge of every cell in your body. In addition, the chakras in your head and torso directly influence the corresponding glands associated with them.

Energy medicine is simply the idea of using natural substances to enhance or complement how this energy flows around the body. Natural substances are chosen for their vibrational and nutritive impact on the body.

Adaptogens and Balance

Adaptogenic herbs are some of the best substances for balancing these connections, which helps the body to maximize its energetic potential. 

For example, reishi mushroom is amazing for cleansing the liver and the solar plexus chakra below your heart. Additionally, its prana immediately goes to the chakras in your head and surrounds the entire brain in a very protective shield of violet energy. 

Ashwagandha is known to have a beautiful blue prana. Blue is a color of higher consciousness and Ashwagandha seems to have an intelligence of its own. Working in combination with reishi, ashwagandha speeds up the functioning of the Ajna (third eye), the energy center of the pituitary gland, both energizing it and cleansing it.

Of course, all of these effects are based on high quality adaptogens that have been properly extracted, which is the case in all of our great formulas.

Cleansing Energy

Cleansing is an energetic function of most adaptogens, as they increase the spinning action of the energy centers correlating with the glands of the HPA axis. This speeds up the expelling of dirty energy and the intake of vital prana into the body and brain. When healthy, the Ajna stabilizes the frontal lobe and enhances all of the activity associated with this area of the brain. 

The frontal lobe of the brain, where these chakras are situated, correlates with higher thought and creativity, and with the feeling of being in control. Healthy activity in this part of your brain helps to override the stress response and give you a greater sense of well-being.

Your Ajna and Crown chakras, which are paired with the pituitary and pineal gland, are also the primary centers involved in meditation. This is where your feelings of peace, contentment and higher intuition will arise. It’s easy to see how adaptogens can be a great aid for meditation and truly bring you Inner Peace.

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