Boosting Your Brain with Mushrooms

Boosting Your Brain with Mushrooms

We’re not talking about magic mushrooms, although these medicinal mushrooms may have a magical effect on brain function. A new study shows improvement with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) with just a few servings of mushrooms per week.

This study observed people using mushrooms commonly found in supermarkets, along with shiitake mushroom. The scientists think that this can apply to any mushroom because they all share some basic active ingredients, the main one being ergothioneine, an amino acid antioxidant.

I’m not surprised. Besides being potent immune building substances, mushrooms have always been a natural way of getting more antioxidants into your diet. The potency however, depends on how they are grown and processed.

Mushrooms for inflammation

Mushrooms can have a direct influence on inflammation as well as feeding the gut as prebiotics to ensure proper flora or beneficial bacteria. Healthy flora creates the environment for proper neurotransmitter production.

This is a great example of how natural products work. Too often we label things as having one function, like immunity, and overlook the myriad ways they might impact our bodies.

Even though all mushrooms contain antioxidants that influence brain health, the ones we use in our formula Mushroom Complex, take it to another level.

The mushrooms are all grown on a medium containing purple anthocyanin, a potent anti-inflammatory nutrient found purple and blue fruit, and grape seed. During the growing process it’s incorporated into the mycelium, creating new novel compounds and transforming it into a very potent antioxidant.

Mushrooms & Herbs

Our Mushroom Complex also contains an herbal extract called baicalin, which is specific for brain inflammation. Commonly used as an antiviral substance, baicalin can target the type of brain inflammation affecting dopaminergic neurons implicated in Parkinson’s disease.

Baicalin has also been shown to exhibit protective activity against beta-amyloid in Alzheimer’s and neuron inflammation in diabetic neuropathy. The great thing about using formulas like Mushroom Complex is that you can regulate the dose and target a specific imbalance.

That shouldn’t stop you from eating mushrooms with your meals as well. I enjoy having maitake and shiitake mushrooms, sautéed in ghee and red wine, along with some asparagus to boost glutathione. My immune system and my taste buds are always happy! 

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