Mushrooms and Heavy Metals

Mushrooms and Heavy Metals

Did you know that mushrooms absorb toxins from the environment quite easily? They also aren’t able to flush toxins, they just absorb them, and pass them along to the consumer.

Mushrooms can be loaded with heavy metals and pesticides, often in highly concentrated amounts. If you’re buying mushrooms they have to be organic. I would venture to say there isn’t another food that is potentially more toxic than non-organic mushrooms.

They can absorb and store toxins throughout the entire growing cycle. If you’re buying fresh ones be careful to only buy organic. If you're purchasing a concentrated supplement it's even more important.

This one of the main reasons we use organically grown mushrooms in our formula for Mushroom Complex. 

There is something else unique about mushrooms that rarely gets mentioned.

It’s the growing cycle itself. There are tons of articles that mention the growing medium or food the mushrooms are grown on, but what they don’t mention is the harvesting of that crop!

Harvest time can make all the difference between taking a good immune builder or swallowing starch. Most companies have a set time for harvesting their crop. Once the time elapses they pull it and begin processing.

The problem with that method is that crops don’t always mature at the same rate and you can end up selling starch instead of polysaccharide, enriched mushrooms.

The farm that we get our mushrooms from will not harvest until the crop is ready, even if that means waiting an extra month.

You can be guaranteed that HerbWorks Mushroom Complex is organic and grown until the peak of activity. Your immune system will thank you for it!!

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