Can’t Sleep?....Could it be Stress?

Can’t Sleep?....Could it be Stress?

One of the best anti-aging programs for your brain is learning how to manage your stress and get proper sleep.

As it turns out, lack of quality sleep has the same effect as stress does on your brain’s memory center - literally burning out neurons and destroying the hippocampus.

However, sometimes just falling asleep isn’t enough to ensure healthy sleep. First, you have to be fully relaxed and shut down the stress response to be able to go deep, where the real magic occurs!

Handling Stress

An agitated mind creates agitated sleep. If you don’t shut down your stress before bed, it will create higher than normal cortisol and blood sugar starting about an hour before you wake up.

Some of this rise in blood sugar is normal, but agitation from a restless mind moves it into a level that deteriorates your brain and overall health. Sleep is how your body and brain recover from stress and trauma.

Our very own Sleep and Recover contains chamomile, valerian, and passionflower – which have historically helped people fall asleep faster. These herbs have also been used successfully for centuries to combat insomnia and anxiety so you can put yourself in the best position to relax and get the proper night’s sleep.

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