Choose Life - Choose Ashwagandha

Choose Life - Choose Ashwagandha

Is stress depleting you in the midst of all this chaos? We have the perfect antidote for these stressful times. It’s called TianChi!

One of the main ingredients in TianChi is ashwagandha...making this formula a perfect solution for modern living when dealing with a combination of emotional stress, trauma, and poor nutrition choices.  

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that excels at helping your body adapt to stressful situations. Handling stress comes down to a balance between your sympathetic nervous system (stressed out) and your parasympathetic nervous system (chilled out). 

Life is a constant balance between both, and chronic stress can get you stuck in sympathetic overload. This is often the root of many chronic conditions, and ashwagandha can be the perfect buffer against chronic stress.

The Effects of Chronic Stress

Chronic stress depletes every cell in your body and can even block absorption and utilization of nutrients from your diet. 

Ashwagandha also has a powerful effect on cortisol, a naturally occurring stress hormone. Elevated levels are associated with hypertension, abnormal blood sugar, and many other inflammatory conditions. In clinical trials, 200mg of ashwagandha has been proven to lower cortisol. 

This level can be reached by drinking just one packet of TianChi!!

Power Up Your Brain

We’ve included ashwagandha in our formula for another important reason, it has powerful effects on your brain by reducing oxidative stress and contributing to brain synergy. 

Ashwagandha helps create a brain in full communication that is able to respond to any situation! It’s one of the secrets to how TianChi works and how it can allow you to feel like you’re back in control in these times of stress and chaos.

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