Nature's Lobotomy - Stress

Nature's Lobotomy - Stress

In his new book “Brain Wash’”, Dr. David Perlmutter explains how chronic stress works as a natural lobotomy and how this influences all of our behavior.

Quoting modern research, he shows that chronic stress shrivels the neurons in the prefrontal cortex while simultaneously growing new neurons in the amygdala.

What this means is that the part of your brain involved with decision making, creativity and reason (prefrontal cortex), is dying while the part involved with extreme emotional reactions (amygdala) is thriving. 

Add a poor diet, high in chemicals to the mix, and the resulting inflammation accelerates the damage.

Recovery Is The Key

If you experience stress on daily basis it can overwhelm your body’s ability to recognize stress and adapt to it. In addition, if you are not properly feeding your brain, it makes it easier for stress to become a chronic condition.   

When experiencing stress, it is most important that the recovery phase be supported.  This means that the feedback mechanism must not lose its ability to recognize that the stressor has passed. Adaptogenic herbs have the ability to support this feedback mechanism during recovery.

When we miss the chance to recover from stress, the brain starts its own internal lobotomy.

Brain Support Is Essential

The adaptogens in our formulas properly feed the glands involved in the stress response, and regulate it so you can effectively flow in and out of stress.  This will prevent you from experiencing chronic stress and allow you to create real energy.

Relaxation is not enough - you also need brain activation. This is what makes TianChi so unique. It has the ability to simultaneously work on your stress mechanism and activate your brain with adaptogens like reishi and rholdiola. These herbs have a direct influence on opening the pre-frontal cortex.

The combination of chronic stress and the modern inflammatory diet is destroying our modern world. It’s easy to see why the world is experiencing a rise in memory related illness. Nature has an answer though, adaptogenic herbs and real food.


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