Podcast: Diabesity and Blood Sugar Solutions

Podcast: Diabesity and Blood Sugar Solutions

Diabetes, obesity, and blood sugar issues are some of the biggest health crises of our time.

Learn about dietary tips to start back on the road to wellness, how using herbs and certain foods can control blood sugar naturally, and how to lay the foundation for avoiding chronic disease.  

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0:00  Obesity and diabetes in America

2:40  Genetic or autoimmune disorder?

3:30  Type-2 diabetes, inflammation, and kidney issues

6:15  Can type-2 diabetes be changed by diet and lifestyle?

10:25  Low glycemic foods

13:10  Diabetes and brain issues

20:40  Adaptogens and diabetes

25:00  Is there any truth to cinnamon and diabetes?

29:30  Taking control of chronic disease by regulating blood sugar


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