Preventing Premature Aging of the Brain

Preventing Premature Aging of the Brain

Premature aging of the brain is a term often used to describe memory loss, especially if that memory loss is occurring much earlier than your age should indicate.   

With all of the advances in modern brain research, it’s becoming standard to think of any significant memory loss before the age of 70 as premature. 

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent or slow down brain aging. 

Reduce Stress

Stress causes major disruptions in brain function due to increased inflammation and even changes brain coherence and communication. 

When you’re stuck in the stress response, your brain’s energy resides more in the area of survival, as opposed to the area associated with clarity and creativity. This deteriorates the hippocampus, the center for memory retention and recall.

Adaptogenic Herbs

Regular consumption of adaptogenic herbs just may be the best approach to creating brain coherence. Adaptogens feed the glands in the brain that regulate the stress response, allowing the energy to move up to the frontal lobe where creativity, clarity and fun reside!

Feed Your Brain

You must also pay attention to feeding your brain. The brain requires nutrients to function, and most diets provide little of the basics needed to survive let alone thrive. High quality protein, choline, and B vitamins (the latter of which are found in our very own TianChi are essential to keeping the brain in optimal condition.  

A brain that’s starving is slow and in the cycle of inflammation and deterioration. If you feel that life is passing you by and you just can’t keep up, it might be a problem with brain starvation as opposed to memory loss.

When we first formulated TianChi, memory issues were just starting to grab the headlines. Relieving stress alone wasn’t enough; a starving brain leads to poor choices and an unhappy life. 

This is why most people start taking TianChi for stress, but continue to take it because they feel happier and more content; exactly what a healthy and balanced brain feels like!

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