Eleuthero: King of Adaptogens

Eleuthero: King of Adaptogens

Did you know that eleuthero is the most studied herb in the world, with over 3000 scientific studies published? Its main role is to protect the body from stress no matter what the origin.

It’s in this ability to normalize physiological abnormalities where eleuthero really shines.

Eleuthero has been shown to normalize both high and low blood pressure, as well as blood sugar levels in both hyperglycemia and/or hypoglycemia.

One of the main reasons that we use this amazing herb in our formulas for TianChi and Inner Peace is because it nurtures the adrenal glands - decreasing adrenal hypertrophy and sparing the loss of vitamin c from the adrenals.

More so than any other adaptogen, eleuthero works with the other Jing tonics to help protect and restore adrenal function.  

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