Food, Mood, and TianChi

Food, Mood, and TianChi

Everyone is always searching for answers and looking to solve the issues going on with mental health and memory. Fortunately, many people have found TianChi as part of this process. It’s the perfect brain food for a number of brain imbalances.

The idea of brain coherence flies in the face of the traditional belief that brain and mood issues are all related to a chemical imbalance. Brain coherence is simply the process of a brain in full communication within itself.

In other words, it’s not stuck in a stress response of fight-or-flight but has full access to creativity and decision-making. This depends on two things: shutting down the stress response and nutrition.

Properly Feed Your Brain

Your brain requires specific nutrients to function well, and TianChi contains the ones that most people are missing, along with a great adaptogenic herb formula for stress. Basically, it’s food for your brain!

You know the standard line in western medicine, if you seem stressed or depressed you must have a serotonin deficiency. They don’t test you for it but assume that the drug they have will just fix it.

Have you ever wondered where serotonin comes from? It actually comes from food, but I’m sure no one mentions food when they hand out the antidepressants.

The simple act of eating six to ten servings of colorful fruits and veggies have been proven to help depression, mood swings, and worse. On the other hand, consuming the same amount of french fries, chips and soda leads to high levels of depression.

Adaptogens are Nature’s Perfect Food

We all know that a proper diet is important, but when you combine it with a well balanced adaptogen formula like TianChi, you will be primed to not only feel great, but you’ll be positioning yourself for great things...Great things happen to people who are primed to experience them!


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