Detoxing with Adaptogens

Detoxing with Adaptogens

Have you detoxed lately? If you’re planning on doing one, you’ll may want to build your system up a bit by eating better and using adaptogenic herbs to start the process.

If you’re someone who eats poorly and drinks alcohol, you should consider preparing for a fast just like you might prepare to run a 10k race. You wouldn’t want to run a marathon because it’s good for you without building up to it.

Detoxing is the same. You should build up to it.

Tonic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs are part of a larger set of herbs called tonics. These are herbs that strengthen deficiencies or weaknesses. Tonics are foods and can be safely taken over long periods of time without side effects.

Adaptogens like rhodiola, reishi and schizandra (all of which are found in our formulas for TianChi and Inner Peace) are perfect herbs doing a gentle detox. Taking herbs on a daily basis complements your own natural daily detoxing capacity, and schizandra specifically has also been shown to offset acetaminophen toxicity.

We often forget that gentle detoxing is part of how our body maintains its own health. Your liver goes through this process continuously and how well it does this is dependent on how well you eat.

If your diet already includes a lot (as in 10 servings) of fresh green food and berries, along with some great tonic herbs like reishi and schizandra, you’ll already have a very healthy liver function with plenty of capacity for cellular detox.

The Best Way to Detox

The best way to approach detoxing is looking at what you consume on a daily basis. If flour products, processed foods, and alcohol are daily fixes in your diet, then it’s time to change!

If your diet is plant based with little grain or alcohol, some great tonics and adaptogens, you won’t have much to detox, but you’ll want to continue to use adaptogens daily to put your body in a position to be the best it can be!

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