Good Fats…Great Brain

Good Fats…Great Brain

Did you know that low cholesterol = slow neurotransmitters in your brain?

TianChi is excellent at providing your brain the nutrients and adaptogens needed for your brain to handle stress, but cholesterol lays the groundwork for all of the communication that goes on with your neurons.

It seems that we’ve always been taught that cholesterol is evil and must drive it down until it barely exists, but this actually isn’t the case. Cholesterol has many beneficial functions in your body and brain.

Found in every cell of your body, cholesterol creates cellular membranes and hormones, helps with digestion, and functions as an antioxidant in your brain. It’s so important to your memory functions, that your brain actually produces its own cholesterol.

Recent studies on the elderly show that those with higher cholesterol levels had the best memories. However, watch out for extremely high cholesterol levels as they could have a negative effect on your health.

There are still certain markers you have to watch out for. Overall, a high HDL and a great ratio of HDL to LDL is just where your cholesterol needs to be for your body to perform at an optimal level.

Most of the time this can be done by eating healthy fats - like olive oil, coconut oil, consuming lots of green foods and...avoiding sugar! TianChi is a powerhouse of brain food, but there are just some things you have to do through diet.

Start your day with TianChi, and follow up by including good fats like avocado, olive, walnuts, coconut and fish oil in your meals. This will put your brain in a position putting you on the right track to proper health and overall well-being!


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John Zatkovich

I look forward every morning waking up and drinking TianChi. It’s replaced my morning coffee routine. And I feel like I sleep better at night.

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