Herbs for Immune Dysfunction

Herbs for Immune Dysfunction

Diseases such as cancer, pneumonia, and dementia are now being talked about as diseases of aging. As such, they are being linked to a malfunctioning immune system.

This type of immune degeneration is known as immune senescence. Aging is accelerated through a combination of chronic inflammation and the failure to protect against pathogens and malignancies.

You know—common aging dilemmas. All of this tends to create the type of hyper-inflammation that destroys us from within. Luckily this condition responds favorably to immune system modulating herbs like reishi mushroom and cistanches.

Both of these herbs are found in TianChi and Inner Peace. Reishi also makes up an integral part our formula for Mushroom Complex.

Did you know?

  • Reishi activates T cells, natural killer cells, dendrite cells and macrophages. It also lowers Il-6 inflammatory levels.
  • Cistanches extract increased T cells and natural killer cells, macrophages and B cells while also lowering pro-inflammatory Il-6 levels.

What’s even more amazing is that these effects came about from a four week dosing of amounts similar to what you would find in just one packet of our very own TianChi!

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