Modern Medicine vs. Modern Nutrition

Modern Medicine vs. Modern Nutrition

It never ceases to amaze me how modern medicine ignores modern nutrition. Even when it should be obvious, doctors never make the leap to suggesting nutrition as complimentary to health.

Take your brain for example. You have over 100 billion neurons, which all are coated in a myelin sheath. Myelin is a fatty substance that insulates your nerves and helps them send messages easier.

Think of it as a shield and a conductor that is essential to the health of your neurons. Myelin is primarily made up of the nutrients choline and Omega-3 fats. Without them your neurons are susceptible to destruction from inflammation. This is what happens during an autoimmune condition like MS or multiple sclerosis.

If you have a condition like MS and your nerves are being degraded at an advanced rate, wouldn’t you think it helping your body produce more myelin would be beneficial? Western medicine doesn’t think so as they never educate anyone about the common nutrients that help maintain myelin and nerve health.

Here are a few things that can improve myelin and nerve health:

  • Good quality choline and Omega-3’s helps the body produce high quality myelin and accelerates the healing of damaged nerves. With all of the focus on memory and brain health it only seems like we should all be using these nutrients on a daily basis.
  • B12 - Another vitamin essential for myelin sheath health is B12. In fact B12 deficiency is associated with degeneration of myelinated nerve fibers in the brain. Long-term deficiency of this vitamin can actually lead to brain atrophy, a condition where your brain is actually dying for nutrition.
  • Organic or pasture raised eggs are probably the best natural food source of high quality choline. They are also a decent source of B12 but both of these nutrients should be supplemented to ensure adequate amounts on a daily basis. They are just too important to miss out on. That's why we use both choline and B12 in TianChi for that very reason.

Western medicine is great for getting a diagnosis but then the real work begins.

Finding out what your body is missing is often the starting point of regaining your health and vitality. It’s even better to be proactive and develop a program that fits your lifestyle and needs, stick to it and avoid the pitfalls of chronic disease.

That’s what nutrition and herbs are all about. 

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