Podcast: Anti-Aging and Tonic Herbalism

Podcast: Anti-Aging and Tonic Herbalism

If you take herbs or are thinking about taking herbs, you MUST listen to this podcast!  

Learn all about true anti-aging, from the perspective of tonic herbalism, and why putting energy back into a worn out system is much more profound than simply taking vitamins and antioxidants.

While both are good for you, only tonic herbalism can change a worn out person back into a functional human being.

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  • 01:52  Longevity and building up a stronger immune system
  • 04:01  Tonics originated in Chinese herbology
  • 07:00  Antiviral herbs
  • 09:10  Battling chronic fatigue 
  • 13:20  How western medicine views your health
  • 19:48  The energy of adaptogens
  • 22:00  Nourishing your body
  • 27:17  Adaptogens regulate the stress response
  • 31:05  Putting energy back into your system


John Zatkovich

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