Podcast: Energy Medicine - Creating Your Own Miracles

Podcast: Energy Medicine - Creating Your Own Miracles

We all have the ability to create miracles, it’s just about putting yourself into the proper position to do so.

Learn about cases of miraculous health changes from altering your personal environment, as well as using herbs, diet, and meditation.

The universe is just an energetic grid that moves when the opportunity presents itself.

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  • 01:15  Humans are energetic beings
  • 03:50  Relaxing to shift your energy
  • 08:30  Stress and the effect on your body
  • 13:30  Herbs and supplements that positively affect you
  • 19:04  Shifting your energetic environment
  • 24:30  The energetic grid of our universe
  • 30:10  Fight-or-flight and physical nutrition 

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