Podcast: Death by Medicine

Podcast: Death by Medicine

You know something is wrong with the medical system when someone is diagnosed with indigestion and sent home, but then they die from heart disease.

Learn all about the 3rd leading cause of death in America, Iatrogenic death—better known as “Death by Medicine”.  There are many traumatic events that occur within our medical system – the combination of drug reactions, needless surgeries, and other medical mistakes that claim hundreds of thousands of lives each year. 

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  • 05:30  Proper testing for medical conditions
  • 07:30  Taking care of your heart
  • 10:00  Over 500,000 women injured during childbirth 
  • 17:20  Eating well to protect yourself
  • 27:15  Diet and meditation
  • 32:30  Building life force with tonic herbs

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